Performing Lectures
Thursday, January 27th, 2005
8.30 pm
at Atelierfrankfurt


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"Contaminated" is a lecture performance about a performance, asking what really happens between stage and audience. Where are the borderlines between autobiography and copy, partiture and choreography, theory of bodies and dance? The choreographer and performer Petra Sabisch uses the influencial lecture performance "Product of Circumstances" by Xavier Le Roy (to be shown in Atelierfrankfurt in May 2005) as a dispositiv for her own artistic biography.

"Based on Artaud's question of whether external events, political conflicts and natural disasters, the order of revolution and the disorder of war are not reflected in the theatre with the violence of an epidemic, I ask myself why these events should only have an effect like an epidemic and not as an epidemic.
What happens in this intermediate space of representation, where performance and audience touch each other in a strange way? Assuming that the fourth wall acted all the more effectively as a potential contamination precisely because of its illusion of invisible protection, how could one then describe the relationship between the bodies present? And why is the transfer of a material particle always assumed when thinking about contamination? Wouldn't it be possible to think of contamination as the materiality of the performance context as well as the performing and perceptive body, which precisely allows the immateriality of a thought, the desperation of a movement or the virulence of the circumstances to be included?
In 1999 I saw a lecture performance that contaminated me. It shifted the boundaries of my body in a very physical way and changed the course of my life. By taking this performance, in which biography and theory, biology and dance converged, as the starting point for my reflections, I want to question the possibilities of performances to renegotiate the stage of the body. In this context, dance then perhaps means nothing more than keeping that moment of transition from something immaterial to something material in motion and extending bodies towards these transitory touches."

Production: veranda
Kindly supported by Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Petra Sabisch
is a choreographer and a performer. Next to "Contaminated" (2004, Tanzfabrik Berlin) she produced the performances "Cartographics" (2002, Dancas Na Cidade, Lissabon) and "Laboratoire du desoeuvrement" (2001, Paris). After several artistic and theoretical collaborations in Paris and Berlin (with A. Baehr, J. Bel, S. Berggren, N. Lauro, X. le Roy, Superamas etc.), Petra Sabish is now invited to continue her choreographic researches in London. She is part of the women artist and producers collective Fernwärme im Ausland (Berlin).