Performing Lectures
Saturday, September 3rd 2005
at 10pm
at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm

Afterwards: Takeover-Bar

"In The Event"

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Mixing autobiography with speculation about the nature of live art. "In The Event" is a storm of fragmented memories, a looking back on twenty years of Forced Entertainment's work. "In the Event" is a lecture-performance by Tim Etchells with images by Hugo Glendinning, the photographer with whom the Group has collaborated since its origins in 1984.
"In the Event" is both an exploration of the possibilities of fragmented storytelling and a moving, comical and provocative glimpse of the lives and ideas behind the work of this influential performance ensemble and a fractured portrait of the times that they have been working in.

In cooperation with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm
Tim Etchells is an artist, director and writer best known for his work as author and artistic director of the Sheffield based British Performance Group Forced Entertainment. Etchells himself makes works in text, photography, video, performance, installation and digital media. He has also collaborated with a wide range of other artists and has published three books "The Dream Dictionary (for the Modern Dreamer)", "Endland Stories" and "Certain Fragments".

Hugo Glendinning has been collaborating with Forced Entertainment for twenty years. Their collaboration ranges from using still photography and text through film and video to interactive new media. Alongside his work as collaborator and artist, Glendinning works in professional photography publishing and is exhibiting internationally in the fields of dance, performance and magazine editorial.

Forced Entertainment stands at the forefront of experimental theatre and performance, with an almost unrivalled reputation through Europe and far beyond. The group's unmistakable aesthetic is both playful and highly reflective, at times flamboyant and extravagant, at others puritan and reductive. The British ensemble has captivated theatre lovers and specialists alike for twentyone years. Best known for their performances lasting from two to twenty-four hours, the group has also created fascinating and idiosyncratic projects in installation, interactive CD-ROM, video and text.

"Britain's most brilliant experimental theatre company." (The Guardian)