Performing Lectures
Thursday, January 5th, 2006
8.30pm at Atelierfrankfurt
Hohenstaufenstr. 13-25, 60327 Frankfurt

"I didn't mean to hurt you"

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"What is the nature of the debate that seems to begin here? Where, here? Here? Is it a debate? Does it take place? Has it begun already? When? Ever since Plato, whispers the prompter promptly from the wings, and the actor repeats, ever since Plato." (Jacques Derrida, Limited Inc. a b c...)

The lecture performance "I didn't mean to hurt you" is based on a misunderstanding between Vera Knolle and Xavier Le Roy, the difference between a sentence, written by Le Roy in the instructions for "Product of Circumstances" and Knolle's reading of this sentence. On the occasion of this misunderstanding unfolds a reflection on the possibility and impossibility of a neutral performance, a neutral utterance. And about the possibility and impossibility to make oneself understood in exactly the way in which the utterance was meant. The openness of meaning makes the misunderstanding possible. But it makes also impossible that reflection could be bare of emotion.

Supported by Künstlerhaus Mousonturm
Vera Knolle
studied butoh with Susanna Åkerlund / Su-En Butoh Company in Sweden and philosophy and cultural studies in Berlin. She worked with Christine de Smed / Les Ballet C. de la B. for "9x9", Thomas Lehmen for "Stationen", Eszter Salamon for "Reproduction". Together with Alice Chauchat she produced "A Number of Classics in the Age of Performance" (2003). Solo works shown so far: "TANZEN IS OK" (2003), Tanzfabrik, Berlin; "I didn't mean to hurt you" (2003) and "Exercises in Bad Rhetorics" (2004), both at Hebbel-am-Ufer (HAU), Berlin.