Performing Lectures
Thursday, Februar 16th, 2006
8.30pm at Atelierfrankfurt
Hohenstaufenstr. 13-25, 60327 Frankfurt

"Ausflug" ("Excursion")

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Imagine a trip that ends up in a kind of Tupperware party, only that this time the products on sale are magnetic field therapy gadgets. After a two-hour coach ride the guests are welcomed in a run-down restaurant at the riverside that has had its times in the 70's. There, you witness an almost three-hour long show and a salesman who performs at his best. As the only actor, he talks and plays with full dedication. He gives all he can: his mind, his body and his soul.

EXCURSION takes a closer look at this trip and partly reconstructs it only to offer itself for sale at the end.

EXCURSION is a piece as it should be. Come and buy!

A production by Martin Nachbar and Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig.

Supported by Künstlerhaus Mousonturm
Martin Nachbar
The dancer and choreographer, Martin Nachbar, trained at the School for New Dance Development (Amsterdam), in New York and P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels). The joint founder of Kollektiv B.D.C./Plischke worked together as a dancer, amongst others with Les Ballets C de la B., Vera Mantero, Thomas Lehmen and the composer Benjamin Schweitzer.
2005 together with Jochen Roller he produced "mnemonic nonstop", and co-organized "meeting on dance education 2005 (mode 05)" in Potsdam.
Own works include the solos "Ausflug" and "Verdeckte Ermittlung", as well as the duet "ja, ja - der dritte mann".

Idea: Bernd Ernst, Martin Nachbar
Concept, Choreography, Text, Performance: Martin Nachbar
Text Support: Bernd Ernst